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How to Prepare
for Flea Treatment

Flea infestations can be both stressful and uncomfortable for you and your furry friends! There are four main steps of controlling a flea infestation.

1. Treat Your Pet(s)

Treating your pet with a flea infestation in your home should be a top priority to getting your pet properly treated! In most cases, it will take some appointment making. Timing is everything when trying to control a flea infestation. Once the pet has been taken care of, everything will flow easier. We are not qualified to give any recommendations as to what product to use on your pets, so please consult your veterinarian for the best flea medications and/or treatments!

2. Preparing for Treatment

The house should be vacuumed very thoroughly to remove any larvae, pupae, and food materials (larvae feed on the feces of adult fleas). Remove the vacuum bag after vacuuming, so the fleas do not find their way out back into your home. Remove all items such as clothes, toys, newspapers, or magazines that may cover the carpeted areas to be treated. Remove all items under beds and on the floors of all closets. Pick up any of your pet's food bowls and put them away. Wash and replace pet bedding and remove all pets, including birds and reptiles. Cover fish tanks with a damp towel and turn off the air pump. Clean the concrete floors in your garage, basement, or patio where pets may stay with soap and water.

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3. Treat the Interior

Treating the interior of your home should be left to the professionals (us!), but be assured that, in most cases, the application of flea medication on your pets will have very effective results in combination with a well-prepared home.

You play a very important part of this flea treatment.

4. Treat the Exterior

Treating the exterior of your home should be left to the professionals (us!) as well. Pick up the yard as if you were going to do some heavy watering. All toys, sports equipment, lawn mowers, etc. should all be put away to get the best results from your flea treatment.